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Haciendo Negocios started out as an hour-long radio talk show in which we conducted dedicated interviews with a minimum of three (3) professionals and/or business owners who spoke to us about their business approaches and the success of their business. race for our audience to learn key ideas on a specific topic.

Over time, the show has become a high-audience online show with a Facebook TV format.

With representation from a wide range of industries, Haciendo Negocios guests are business owners and professionals who are experts in their particular subject. They participate in the show to offer the social media audience a different business perspective and new ideas or strategies that they may not have thought of in their own business. The program also gives the audience the opportunity to take advantage of any of the special services of our guests as potential clients.

As we moved forward, we started to produce a quarterly magazine and the Haciendo Negocios magazine was born in May 2020.

Some of the topics we discuss both in the program and in the Haciendo Negocios magazine are Business Law, Financing, Budgeting, Insurance, Accounting, Human Resources, Health, Marketing, Community Outreach, Arts and Entertainment, Government Programs, among many others.

At the same time, Haciendo Negocios is known as a platform for educational and networking events for professionals and business owners with physical and digital events.

Haciendo Negocios has partnerships and conducts interviews and events with a variety of Chambers of Commerce and Professional Associations to inform the public about events and special announcements. Some of our partner organizations are: CareerSource, CPA Gustavo Torres-Decos, PA, Metro Orlando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, IQ Social Business, IRS, Legal Solutions, Small Business Development Council, Small Business Administration, Stand Out Consulting, among others.

If you want to be part of Haciendo Negocios, contact Deisamar De Soto-Torres, host of Haciendo Negocios at 407-913-9611 or by email

If you want to advertise with us, contact Juliana No from Stand Out at

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